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Seminarian Gregory Clever

Third Year Theology
(Studying at Mundelein Seminary)

I felt the call to be a priest as a young child. Thanks to the excellent religious upbringing my family gave me, I entered seminary out of high school and spent seven years in formation. At the end of that time, I felt God might be calling me to do something else, so I took two years off to be a teacher which was a great experience. I felt the call to the priesthood again though, and thus this Spring I applied to join the Diocese of Jefferson City, which has brought me here to Mundelein. I am one of nine children who enjoys sports, reading, the outdoors, and hanging out. My favorite saint is St. Gregory the Great, and I have a strong devotion to Our Lady of the Sorrows. My priest aspiration is to be with the people of God. Please pray that I am to the Holy Spirit in this time and that I grow in holiness. I would also appreciate it if you would pray for my Bishop, Sean McKnight, my diocese, my family, and my students.